Josie made me do it.

Entered the smelly dank pet shop back in 2006 to simply get a feeder mouse for my corn snake, Slinky. After my eyes adjusted to the darkness I peered into a deep rubber tub. Wrinkling my nose as the odor wafted upward I leaned in closer, reached in towards the wriggling bunch of dirty furry critters and one leapt up my arm! Scrambled up my sleeve and tucked itself under my chin. The store owner parted me from my cash and I went home with my first ferret.

She let me know her name was Josie and she was a Panda colored kit. A stop at another pet store traded cash for a simple wire cage “first home”
with two levels.

In just a few days Josie let me know she was deaf. Of course some help from the internet offered ideas on how to discover such a thing.  More researching as time went on proved Josie to have. NEURAL Crest Disorder aka Waardensberg syndrome. This didn’t bother her now, but would eventually contribute to her early departure.

In the meantime as we were getting acquainted,Josie showed me her carnivorous traits as I offered raw meaty treats. More internet research ensued and she insisted that a raw natural diet was the best!

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